2017 Results

Visitor Spending

Source: U.S. Travel Association

2017 Travel Volume

North Carolina person-trip volume was 46.1 million in 2017, ranking North Carolina No. 6 in total domestic person-trip volume.

Source: TNS Travels America

2017 Total State Rankings by Volume

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. New York
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. North Carolina
  7. Illinois
  8. Georgia
  9. Ohio
  10. Michigan

Source: TNS Travels America

Average Trip Spending

North Carolina overnight visitor parties spent approximately $738 per trip in 2017. Out-of-state visitors spent approximately $903 per trip in 2017, while in-state resident travel parties spent $467 per trip on average. This represents a 63% difference in average per trip among resident visitors traveling within the state and out-of-state visitor parties.

U.S. travel parties on average spent $895 per trip in 2017.

Source: TNS Travels America

Average Overnight Trip Duration

The average length of stay of North Carolina visitors was 3.4 nights in 2017. North Carolina resident visitors stayed an average of 2.7 nights, while out-of-state visitors stayed an average of 3.9 nights.

Total U.S. travelers stayed an average of 3.5 nights per trip in 2017.

Source: TNS Travels America

North Carolina’s Top States of Origin for Overnight Visitors

NC 39%
VA 8%
SC 7%
GA 6%
FL 5%
NY 4%
TN 3%
OH 3%
MD 3%
PA 3%
TX 2%

Source: TNS Travels America

NC’s Activities for Overnight Visitors

Research shows overnight visitors to North Carolina participate in a wide variety of activities, further emphasizing the diversity of the tourism product in the state.

While visiting friends and relatives and shopping are routinely mentioned every year among all travelers, exploring the state’s scenic beauty, state and national parks, and rich cultural assets are among the most popular specific activities surveyed.

Source: TNS Travels America