Budget Overview

Visit North Carolina Budget Overview

Marketing Media Purchase & Production $7,709,687
Personnel & Administration $1,147,270
Rent, Facilities and Computers (tech and licensing) $156,621
VisitNC.com Dev. & Maintenance (Interactive) $906,080
International Marketing (Canada, Germany, UK) $812,585
Film Office Marketing $307,330
Public Relations $547,487
Domestic Sales Promotion (Group and Sports) $268,179
Industry Relations $30,000
Total $12,421,483

North Carolina Visitor Services Budget Overview

The Visitor Services function remains part of the North Carolina Department of Commerce and was funded by appropriations from the General Assembly. Visitor Services, comprised of the State’s nine Welcome Centers, the Tourism Call Center and the Tourism Warehouse, is staffed by about 48 FTEs annually. Appropriations included:

Welcome Centers $2,260,854
Inquiry/Fulfillment 370,989
Total $2,613,843

State Tourism Office Budgets: 2018-19

North Carolina’s budget of approximately $12.5 million ranked among the lowest among southern state tourism office budgets in 2018-19, significantly behind several states that are direct competitors. North Carolina’s budget decreased by 4 percent from the previous fiscal year.

State Estimated 2018-19 Budget Number of FTE staff
South Carolina $30,700,000 14
Louisiana $27,300,000 24
Virginia $24,200,000 58
Tennessee $20,400,000 26
Alabama $19,700,000 24
Arkansas $17,600,000 23
North Carolina $12,400,000 13
Kentucky $11,900,000 19
Georgia $11,400,000 16

*Budgets and staffing are estimates provided by State Tourism Directors to Travel South USA and do not include Welcome Center staff.