Welcome Centers

Visitor Services

North Carolina’s nine Welcome Centers hosted 8,307,495 visitors in 2018. A breakout of the number of visitors by Welcome Center location is below:

2018 Welcome Center Estimated Visitors

I-95 S 1,077,268
I-95 N 11,537,898
I-85 S 1,322,090
I-85 N 540,718
I-77 S 323,847
I-77 N 1,012,830
I-40 W 919,073
I-26 W 295,610
I-26 E 1,278,161
Total 8,307,495

The I-95 North Welcome Center was the most visited in 2018, hosting 1,537,898 travelers. Welcome Centers registered about 7,000 visitors from other countries, including 5,000 from Canada and representing six of seven continents.

In 2018, Welcome Centers booked approximately 17,360 room nights, representing total revenue of nearly $2.253 million at an average rate of $129.83 per room night.